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Let Our Solar Engineering Team Provide You with Solar Power
Solaray provides a full range of services for Solar PV and Solar Thermal installations.
This usually starts with the design in close consultation with the client, and it can include:
  • A needs assessment – for example: the amount of Solar Power that isrequired, and at what times of the day and night.
  • A site evaluation – for example: the slope, direction, suitability, and carrying capacity of the roof, and the suitability of the terrain if ground mounts are required.
  • The specification – for example: the number of inverters and PV panels that are required for a Grid-tied System, or an Off-Grid System with batteries and/or a generator, or the number of Geysers and thermal panels that are required for a Solar Thermal System.
At this stage, the team will be able to show you the layout of the panels and related equipment that will deliver the Solar Power, and they will give you a quotation and time when the installation can take place. Solaray can also advise you if grants, subsidies, or other forms of finance are available.
Once all this is agreed, Solaray will confirm orders for any equipment that is not in stock, and get to work on preparing for the installation.
Solar Power Experts – What Next?
Our installation team is highly experienced, and we place great emphasis on training, supervision, and project management. As a result, your installation will be completed in accordance with best practice on time and on budget. You only have to ask our existing clients.
After your system has been thoroughly tested and commissioned, we will assign any product warranties to you, and we will provide a comprehensive cleaning, monitoring and maintenance service, if this is required. This way, you know that you will be looked after by experts, and you can have peace of mind.

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