Choose The Leaders in Solar Energy in South Africa

Solar Energy Makes Economic Sense
In countries with abundant sunshine like South Africa, Solar Systems are not just the Energy source of the future, but they make economic sense today. Solaray can help you evaluate the costs and benefits of off-grid and grid-tied solar PV systems, and put the sun to work for you!

Choose a Leading Solar System Provider
Solaray is one of the foremost providers of Solar Energy Systems in Southern Africa. It has the expertise to design, procure, and install large solar PV and thermal systems for businesses, and it also provides expertly matched solar PV and thermal systems for domestic clients.


Make Sure Your Solar System is Well Maintained

Solar Energy Systems have a life expectancy of at least 25 years, and Solaray provides a monitoring and maintenance service for its clients to ensure that their systems are kept in top working order.

Solaray has a Level 2 BBBEE Rating

The Solaray Group comprises two companies with common shareholders and a seamlessly workspace that delivers an exceptional service: Solaray Systems (Pty) Ltd and its Level 2 BBBEE Associate Solaray Projects (Pty) Ltd. The Group has highly qualified and experienced staff and a very strong Board of Directors that are widely respected for their professionalism and integrity


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