Turn Your Home Into a Green Building With Solar Power

Solar Power allows you to turn your home into a Solar Powered property with ease. We supply many expertly developed and constructed Solar PV Kits and many other related products to provide electricity for off-grid and grid-tied installations. Our off-grid kits are ideally suited for locations where a grid supply isn’t available, or where the homeowner wishes to be entirely independent from Eskom.

Grid-tied kits, on the other hand, draw electricity from the grid when it’s not being supplied energy by the PV panels, or batteries. What’s more, they can also return surplus electricity to the grid, depending on the municipality in question, and the kind of meter used. We supply these kits with exceptional quality PV panels, along with combiner boxes to protect against surge and overload.

Whether you want to turn your business premises into a leaner, greener building, or want to save on your monthly household energy expenses, our Solar Power solutions are what you’re looking for. Speak to us right now for the expert advice you need to make an informed decision.

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