4 ways the agricultural industry can benefit from solar power

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June 18, 2021
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September 29, 2021
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There are many different business sectors that benefit from installing solar power systems; however, one sector that benefits tremendously is the agricultural industry. Solar power offers the agricultural industry very attractive financial, environmental, and financial benefits. Here are 4 ways the agricultural industry can benefit from solar power:

Eco-friendly operations

Solar power is created by capturing and converting the energy from the sun’s rays. This source of energy is renewable, which makes it a much more environmentally friendly choice over its counterpart, fossil fuels. For individuals in the agricultural industry, solar power is a fantastic means of running their daily operations in an eco-friendly manner. These operations generally use a lot of energy, so minimising or completely cutting out the need to use fossil fuels will have a huge positive impact on the environment.

Major savings

The jump to solar could be for many reasons, but one major reason is the savings. The agricultural industry runs all sorts of operations throughout the day including powering lights, irrigation systems, electric fences, and any homes on the property. All this energy can add up very quickly when paying for the use of fossil fuels. Thankfully, solar power drastically reduces, and sometimes eliminates these costs. Farmers will also be exempt from dealing with fluctuating electricity costs.

Increased pollinators

Another benefit of the agricultural industry making use of solar power is the fact that they can use the panels wisely to increase the population of pollinators. Growing native plants beneath your solar panels is a great way to draw in bees, birds and many other pollinators, which will benefit your crop yield while contributing to biodiversity in the area.

Energy storage

Power outages are a major issue for the agricultural industry. A loss of power could drastically affect their operations and therefore reduce their generation of income. Thankfully, solar power reduces the risk of farmers having to deal with these outages as they can make use of batteries that store solar energy for later use.