The importance of solar energy in South Africa

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November 13, 2020
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June 18, 2021
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As many people know, solar energy plays an important role in the environment as it is a sustainable, eco-friendly source of energy that is slowly helping combat environmental issues on a global scale. However, have you ever taken a deeper look into the significance of this source of power in our country? Read all about the importance of solar energy in South Africa below:

Reduced emissions

Around 90% of the electricity in South Africa is generated by coal – a huge contributing factor to carbon emissions. In fact, almost half of the greenhouse emissions in our country can be tracked back to the electricity sector. Reducing our use of coal in the country is imperative for the health of our people and our environment. Luckily, we have access to some of best renewable energy sources that nature has to offer.


Sunshine is abundant in South Africa. Our country, along with all other countries in Africa, has access to an incredibly long duration of sun throughout each day, much more than any other continent. Thanks to our extensive access to the sun, we could easily switch to solar energy. The sustainability of solar energy is especially necessary due to our dependence on scarce energy sources such as coal.

Rural use

We’re looking into the future of South Africa with the use of solar power, and it is bright! Once various issues have been resolved, solar energy can and will be used to provide electricity and to pump clean water into rural areas.

Economic growth

For the most part, our country is running on nuclear power plants. These power plants offer many disadvantages in terms of environmental health and economic growth. Thankfully, with the move to solar energy we have a chance to turn things around, reducing our carbon footprint as a country and decreasing unnecessary expenditures, which will allow us to use money in other, more important sectors.