How solar power is boosting biodiversity

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September 17, 2020
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November 4, 2020
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We’ve all heard about the environmental benefits of choosing to go solar, but how deeply has solar power truly benefited our ecosystems? Recent studies have shown that solar power farms are having a hugely positive impact on biodiversity. Read all about how solar power is boosting biodiversity below:


The boost in biodiversity is partially due to the land that is chosen for the installation of these solar power farms. The placement of these farms is chosen carefully to ensure that a unique and beneficial site design and environmental strategy can be implemented. Without the right space, it could become incredibly difficult to implement these factors, reducing the impact of the solar power farm on biodiversity.

Site design

The site design of a solar power farm is an essential part of boosting biodiversity. One of the main features of the solar farm is, of course, the solar panels. For optimal sun exposure as well as increased plant growth below the panels, the panels on the solar farm should be south facing. This will ensure that the plants beneath the panels receive a decent amount of sun, allowing them to grow and increase biodiversity.

Environmental strategy

Proper management of a solar farm can lead to a major boost in biodiversity through the establishment of a wide range of habitats. A great strategy that is implemented by many solar farms is to allow agricultural activities to take place around the farm. This includes activities such as grazing by various farm animals. Another idea to boost biodiversity is to welcome birds and bees into the area through the installation of bee hotels and birdhouses around the property.