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Thermal Kits

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Thermal Kits

ThermalSolaray supplies a range of high and low pressure Solar Thermal Kits that provide hot water directly or preheat water before it enters a geyser.

Thermo-siphon kits rely on the natural circulation of heated water. They are particularly suitable for properties that have no electricity, or have steep enough roofs for the geyser to be located above the thermal panels and within the roof space, thus avoiding unsightly external geysers. However, these systems are generally unsuitable for locations where the ambient temperature falls below freezing, although indirect systems are sometimes used.

Pumped kits have small electric pumps that circulate the heated water and are suitable for properties that are connected to the grid or have PV panels. If the geyser has an emersion heater, the controller can be set to give priority to solar heating e.g. by waiting for the sun to heat the water in the morning. The controller can also reverse the flow of heated water to prevent freezing, although for severe conditions we also supply indirect systems.

Solaray also supplies highly competitive retro-fit kits that enable solar thermal panels to be connected to existing geysers.

IMG_2494[5]All the kits are supplied with high-quality flat-plate thermal panels that are expertly matched with the geysers, pumps, controllers, valves, connectors, and fixing plates, as appropriate.

The flat-plate thermal panels operate at up to 130° Celsius, and they are more suitable than evacuated tube panels, which operate at about 250° Celsius. This is because Southern Africa has a higher level of sunshine than Europe and North America, and the evacuated tube panels tend to overheat, causing the manifolds to scale up and the system to degrade relatively quickly. Also flat-plate thermal panels are much less susceptible to breakage and hail damage.