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Thermal Installations

Engineered Solutions

Thermal Installations

Engineered Solutions - ThermalSolaray’s thermal kits are modular and can be used equally for large or small installations of individual units. However, large installations often need central thermal systems that require specialist engineered solutions. Also, large installations typically need central monitoring and maintenance arrangements.

Solaray and its associates have the necessary resources and technical skills to undertake engineered solutions for large thermal installations in the Southern African region, and they cover the entire value chain from business origination – through design, finance, and procurement – to installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Solaray’s core competence is project management – the ability to deliver the best solution on time and on budget – and it places great emphasis on understanding the client’s needs and identifying solutions that balance cost with performance. The first task is therefore to make a preliminary assessment which, depending on the complexity, is usually done free of charge.

LlandudnoIf we don’t think a project or specification is suitable, we will say so; otherwise we will proceed with a detailed evaluation, design, and costing. If grants, rebates, or subsidies are available, we will advise the client and support their applications. We are also able to facilitate leasing finance, where an off balance sheet solution is requested.

If our quotation is acceptable to the client, we will order any equipment that we don’t have in stock, and proceed with the installation in accordance with a timetable that is agreed in advance. We will also assign any product warranties to the client, and enter into a monitoring and maintenance agreement, if this is required.

Upon completion of the project, we will thoroughly test the system before handing the installation over to the client.