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Solaray is a renewable energy company that has its headquarters in Durban, South Africa. It specializes in PV and Thermal installations:

Residential   Business & Government
PV Thermal   PV Thermal
Suitable for:   Suitable for:
Houses, Lodges, Holiday Homes, Farm Cottages, Pumps & Fencing, Camping
Commercial, Industrial, Large Agriculture, Public Sector, Independent Power Producers



Applications Included:

• PV Kits that are designed for domestic off-grid or grid-tied purposes, as well as agricultural applications such as Solar Pumps and fencing;
• Thermal Kits that are designed for domestic thermo-syphon and high pressure systems; and
• Engineered Solutions that draw on Solaray’s core strengths of system design, project management, and finance.

The PV Kits come in a range of high quality PV Panels together with expertly matched inverters, batteries, and charge controllers, as appropriate for the application.

The Thermal Kits comprise both complete Solar Water Heater systems, including Thermal Panels and Geysers, as well as low cost retro-fit systems that make use of existing geysers.

The Engineered Solutions cover PV and thermal applications, and Solaray sources the Solar Panels and balance of systems from both South African and international associates of the highest standing.